Break boundaries set by the society you grew up in and embrace the locals and their culture.

Destroy the bad habits that you have made, the ones which now make you. Cleanse your body with unadulterated food that is made with love and care, and gain an understanding of dietary simplicity. Variety is sometimes overstated. The journey has just begin to bring a revolutionary change.

She was full of life. My great grandmother passed away recently at the ‘young’ age of 95. Young…ya…because she was healthy and active even at that age. Her teeth were intact and memories were sharp. She was lucky to have spent almost entire life away from the toxic laden environment of Delhi/NCR. She was lucky to have eaten vegetables that were not irrigated with sewage water. She was lucky to have savored fruits that were not coated with pesticides. Those were the days when chutnies & pickles were made at home without any profit motive.

I know what it means to grow up with the toxic water & air of NCR. Born & brought up in Delhi, I spent my childhood struggling with Asthma…always carrying an inhaler…even in my schoolbag. Through healthy eating & yoga I built up my stamina and took to mountaineering, trekking and adventure activities. It was on Himalayas that I wondered how I give this experience to my folks at home. I could click photographs but how do I make them experience the freshness in the air, the fragrance which was not canned in a bottle, the purity in the gushing water, the touch of untouched things.

“You can carry back a bit of us.” the breeze whispered. I looked around in surprise.”Yeah, she is right.” the mountains nodded. The trees and plants waived “we’ll give you fresh produce”. “I’ll nurture them with pristine waters” Alaknanda assured me with a maternal affection. That’s when I decided I’ll provide NCR folks with experience of Nature’s Soul.

I spent 5 months, starting from February 23, 2017, exploring the slopes & fields of Uttrakhand & Himachal scouting for the best of nature that I want to provide you. I met passionate people who are committed to natural and organic methods of growing fruits & vegetables. I visited farms & fields producing certified organic Mangoes, Guavas, Apples, Apricots and scores of other locally grown fruits. Here is my promise…I’ll provide you the best of nature and I’ll do that with full transparency. If we sell it as organic…it’s got to be organic. There is no other way.

– Arjun Sahni, the engineer who sells organic prodcuts!