Winter Season is here! In contrast to the cozy weather, winter brings along a plethora of woes – skin problems, such as dryness, flaking, and discoloration. Change in weather can mean changes in skin texture, and especially with the harshness of winter, your skin may feel as dry and dull as sandpaper. In this weather, it is pertinent to look after your skin and to rejuvenate and refresh it.
With the help of this amazing ten-step winter skin care routine, you will surely be able to beat the weather blues and to get that perfect winter blush!

Step 1: Wash your face with cold water or limit your time in hot showers

That hot winter shower sure does feel good, but it can cause massive problems for your skin as hot water increases the dryness of your skin. So, wash your face with a splash of cold water to keep your skin soft and dewy!

Step 2: Use a moisturizer suited to your skin type.
There is no substitute for moisturizers in winters. Low temperatures cause the skin to lose its natural moisture. Using a suitable moisturizer will hydrate your skin, and protect your skin from the harmful effects of the cold season. Choose the product according to your skin type, apply on your whole body and voila, see the results!

Step 3: Cleanse your skin
Accumulated dirt and dryness can be a dangerous combination for your skin; as they cause flakiness and patchiness. Double cleansing your face twice a day, with a hydrating cleanser helps remove the dust and debris from your face. For best results, do it early in the morning and right before bed time.

Step 4: Use a hydrating toner
Yes, we know what you are thinking! How can a toner, a perpetually summer product, help you in preventing the winter dry skin. Well, well the secret lies in finding the perfect toner which locks in moisture and refreshes your skin through the layers.

Step 5: Vitamin-C is the key!
Vitamin C has great benefits for the skin – it helps in skin pigmentation, builds collagen and prevents skin aging. Using a dermatologist recommended Vitamin C serum or cream, can do wonders for your skin texture as it keeps your skin nourished and glowing. Even in the winter season, there are certain harmful SPF that damage the skin, Vitamin C helps block these rays and acts as a protective layer.

Step 6: Taking care of the under-eye area
Dull skin leads to eye bags and darkening of the under-eye area. Use a good under eye cream to beat the dull skin blues!

Step 7: Using retinol and hyaluronic acid
A magical product – retinol, improves oil flow to the skin, keeping it moisturized, and also improves cell turnover, leaving you with soft plump skin. Hyaluronic acid, on the other hand, protects the skin from the harsh chilly winds of winter. Using these alternatively can fetch you amazing results.

Step 8: Never forget sunscreen!
Sunscreen is the crowning jewel of any skin care routine. The freezing temperatures and vicious winds that leave your skin dry and agitated allow for UV rays to have a better shot at your skin. Sunscreen protects your skin from these harmful UV rays, prevents further dryness, and keeps skin diseases and inflammations at bay. Apply sunscreen everyday for that healthy skin!

Step 9: Body butter for the win!
A winter speciality – applying body butter to your skin greatly benefits skin tone and texture. Creamy body butter with must-have winter skin ingredients like strengthening shea and cocoa oils can work wonders for your skin.

Step 10: Lip Balm is a Must
Stepping outside or staying in without applying lip-balm is a strict no-no. To prevent patchy dry lips, use a lip balm at regular intervals. Cracking of lips is also common and nourishing lip balms help tackle this problem.

In addition to following this routine, one must also eat a nutritious diet, exercise and stick to a good sleeping schedule, as in the winter months, we face many physical and mental setbacks, which can further impact our skin health. Using a humidifier and other tools such as hydrating masks, face oils are also beneficial for the skin. Start this routine today and lo behold, glowing beautiful skin, here we come!