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Camel Milk Powder 100% Pure & Natural And Freeze Dried – Aadvik – 200gm


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Camel milk powder: first Indian company to manufacture camel milk powder. Camel milk powder is lab tested and is manufactured in ISO certified plants
Camel milk powder is glutenfree (Lab tested). Suitable for people allergic to cow’s milk. Camel’s milk contains a different composition of whey proteins and caseins when compared to cow milk, which is a big reason why it has more healing properties. Camel’s milk is easy to digest. You can drink it plain, make ice creams, smoothies and other healthy drinks from it
Freeze dried camel milk powder natural. Freeze dried process ensures all the minerals and nutrients of milk remain intact in the powder form
Camel’s milk improves the immunity of the body. It helps in gut healing, reducing hyperactivity, and improving behaviour.