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Arjuna, also known as the “Arjun tree”, is a medicinal plant indigenous to India. Its bark (“Arjun Ki Chhaal” in the Hindi language) is widely used to enjoy a variety of health benefits it offers, including its antimicrobial, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties. 

Some of its key nutritional constituents are- glycosides; flavonoids and phenolics; tannins; minerals and trace elements including calcium, magnesium, aluminum, zinc, copper, and silica; and, proteins.


Arjun’s Bark is packed with powerful medicinal properties and myriad health-boosting effects, that benefit the body and ensure that it functions in an optimum way. Some of these include:

  1. Protects against Heart Diseases

It might be helpful in protecting against heart diseases as it functions as a cardiotonic and builds up the heart muscles. Some specific components present in it, such as tannins and glycosides, carry an antioxidant property that causes them to protect the heart muscles and blood vessels from any damage inflicted by free radicals. Arjuna also stimulates the dilation of the blood vessels, and dissolves the plaque stuck to the vessels to ease and enhance blood flow. Thus, it is extremely beneficial for fighting off cardiac problems like high blood pressure, rapid heartbeat, and heart palpitations.

  1. Improves Fertility

Arjun’s Bark extract is very healthful in this regard, because it is a potent source of antioxidants as well as metals such as zinc. It also fosters the formation of new sperm cells and raises the sperm count as well. Furthermore, it also boosts the overall stamina of the body.

  1. Improves Immunity

Due to its immunomodulatory activity, it can regulate, i.e. increase or decrease, the production of antibodies in the body. Hence, it might help to foster the proper functioning of the immune system. This  

  1. Reduces Blood Pressure 

Research indicates that Arjuna bark might help lower high blood pressure levels- this is due to the presence of coenzyme Q10 in high amounts. Coenzyme Q10 is a catalyst that is effective in bringing down high blood pressure and enhancing heart function. It also performs a vasodilatory function, stimulating the dilation of blood vessels which in turn helps maintain suitable blood pressure levels. 

  1. Helps Protect the Liver and the Kidney

Research indicates that due to its hepatoprotective activity, Arjuna bark helps in safeguarding liver health and enhancing its functioning. The hepatoprotective activity is boosted by presence of numerous bioactive components like tannins, phenolics, and flavonoids in Arjun’s bark. 

Kidney diseases such as Uremia can also be cured with the help of this wonderful bark, which provides protection to the kidney against oxidative stress due to its powerful antioxidant activity. It hunts down free radicals and lowers the chances of kidney cell damage.

  1. Lowers Down High Cholesterol Levels

Given its potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory functions, it reduces the level of total blood cholesterol, bad cholesterol (or LDL), and triglycerides, ultimately boosting the levels of good cholesterol (or HDL) in the body. 

  1. Promotes Optimum Skin Health

Arjun’s Bark works wonders for dry skin. Since dry skin has a dearth of moisture content, Arjuna curbs water loss from the skin and locks in the moisture content. This acts beneficially by restoring skin elasticity and preventing the skin from becoming scaly and acne-prone. It also boosts both the sebum content in and blood supply to the skin. 

It also contributes to arresting skin aging. Aging comes about due to an increased number of free radicals in the body. Arjuna carries a strong antioxidant property that averts skin damage triggered by free radicals. It also supports the generation of new skin cells, and keeps skin sagging and thinning at bay.

  1. Cures Fever

Due to its antipyretic qualities, Arjuna bark might be helpful in regulating fever by bringing down body temperature. It also carries analgesic properties that alleviate pain experienced while having fever.

  1. Provides Relief from Cough

Owing to its expectorant activity, it stimulates the secretion of sputum by the air passages in the lungs, thus decongesting the passages, easing respiration, and delivering relief from cough.


Despite the wide variety of benefits it offers, Arjuna must be used with care and discretion in certain cases and contexts under the guidance of a certified medical practitioner. Some of these precautions include- 

  • It may interact with blood thinners. Hence, due consultation must be taken when consuming it alongside anticoagulant drugs.
  • Pregnant and breastfeeding women are generally advised to avoid its consumption.
  • Since it may reduce blood sugar levels, it is normally advised to check your blood sugar if you are consuming Arjuna alongside anti-diabetic drugs.

Arjun’s Bark, or Arjun ki Chhaal, is a wonderful medicinal plant-part, that delivers amazing health benefits upon proper consumption and while keeping in mind the associated precautions. Easily available and easier to use, it can help maintain your body’s health and optimum functioning.