Europea's 100% Cow's Milk- Full Fat (3.5%) 1L (Tetra Pack)

Rs. 117/-


Europaea Free Range Farms ® brings you milk from Irish cows that graze on luscious green grass for 250 days a year. Grass accounts for 90 % of their diet, the way nature intended. The open pastures, fresh clean air and their low productivity ensures healthy cows, able to produce milk in the most natural way. Grass –fed cow’s milk is naturally nutritious, rich in protein and a good source of calcium. Happy cows, healthy milk. This premium milk is an embodiment of all the things good, and is hormone free. The UHT process and bacto-fugation system ensures the highest levels of hygiene, sterilizing without compromising the taste, allowing for a longer shelf life of 12 months. The UHT process leaves only what is most important, the nutritious goodness and divine creaminess of the milk. Now you can feel assured that your family is getting the best every single day. This milk proudly stands for good health and safety standards, quality assurance, animal welfare.

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