Just Organik's Fenugreek Seeds (100 gms) (Packet)

Rs. 45/-


100% ORGANIC. NO GMO, NO CHEMICALS, NO PESTICIDE. INDIA ORGANIC, USDA, EU CERTIFIED. Just Organik Fenugreek has a warm and penetrating fragrance which is more pronounced when the seeds are roasted. The flavour of Fenugreek is bitter when un-roasted. Roasted (and ground) Fenugreek tastes powerful, aromatic and bittersweet. Fenugreek brings a tangy aroma to vegetables, and can be used in the preparation of pickles, curries, and chutneys. The flavour of Fenugreek pairs well with strong flavours like coriander, cumin, and paprika, and it can deepen tomato flavours in sauces and stews.

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