Just Organik's Kabuli Chickpeas (500 gms) (Packet)

Rs. 110/-


100% ORGANIC. NO GMO, NO CHEMICALS, NO PESTICIDE. INDIA ORGANIC, USDA, EU CERTIFIED. Just Organik Chickpea Kabuli is cooked as a delicacy during festivals and parties in India and abroad. Dried Organic Chickpeas can be roasted, spiced and eaten as a snack. Whole Organic Chickpea beans after soaking in water overnight can be cooked and the curry rich in taste and aroma complements well with bread, chapatti, roti and parathas. Whole Organic Chickpea seeds after soaking in water overnight can be added to salads, soups, and stews to enhance the taste. Organic Chickpea is low in fat, high in fiber, protein, minerals, has low Glycemic index.

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