Grainny's Peanut' Exotica - Air fried mediterranean nuts (Vaccum Pack)

Rs. 180/-


These absolutely delightful munchies are made with selected nuts from a ‘Single Origin Organic farm’ and coated with choicest organic herbs of Mediterranean origin. Grainny’s has lent a unique touch to the rich taste of these flavorful nuts by coating them in the herbs which are rich in anti-oxidants, good for digestion, and are rich in aroma and flavours.

Besides this, the nuts are slowly fried in Hot Air (Yes! no oil!) to retain the flavours and nutrients of these wonderful ingredients.

Ingredients - Peanuts, Gram Flour, Rock Salt, Oregano, Thyme, Dried Mango Powder, Asafoedita, Cold Pressed Mustard Oil, Baking Soda

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