Grainny's Meva Khajur Laddoo (6 pcs)

Rs. 260/-


Meva Khajur' The Raw Vegan Laddoos.

Made with pure almonds, figs, cashew, dates and coconut.

100% natural, with no added sugar, fat, or flavouring.

Make your festival days special, and any normal day- Festive! 

What is so special about the Meva Khajur Laddoos?

These laddoos are a thoughtful and pure 'All-Time-Dessert' for you and your loved ones.

These are ideal food for fitness and endurance activities.

Kids like the unique chunky flavour, and will love this over any other desert or sweets.

The Meva Khajur Laddoos have a medium-low Glycemic index, which is easy on sugar and insulin levels in blood.

Mixed with natural nuts like almonds, groundnuts, coconut, and Flax seeds, Each of the laddoo is a complete package of nourishment and taste.

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