Paushtaa Multigrain Sourdough Breads (600 gms)

Rs. 100/-


Paushtaa 'Sourdough Breads' are made of genuine 100% whole wheat. They are handcrafted and sliced with wheat sourced, directly from certified organic farmers. Our breads are sacred to us. They are as pure & healthy as how you would bake at home. We prepare the sourdough starter daily with flour & water - the fermentation is initiated with minimal yeast. The breads contains ABSOLUTELY NO sugar, no chemicals (no nasty bread improvers or conditioners), and no artificial colorings or preservatives. It is as pure as the one you bake at home!

Ingredients: Organic whole-wheat flour, Organic Cold pressed sunflower oil, Water, Multigrain seeds,Yeast & Salt

Shelf-life: At room temperature- 2 days from date of manufacturing. At 24 degree C, 4-5 days

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