Paushtaa Whole-wheat Sourdough Breads (600 gms)

Rs. 90/-


Paushtaa 'Sourdough Breads' are made of genuine 100% whole wheat. They are handcrafted and sliced with wheat sourced, directly from certified organic farmers. Our breads are sacred to us. They are as pure & healthy as how you would bake at home. We prepare the sourdough starter daily with flour & water - the fermentation is initiated with minimal yeast. The breads contains ABSOLUTELY NO sugar, no chemicals (no nasty bread improvers or conditioners), and no artificial colorings or preservatives.

Ingredients: Organic wholewheat flour, Organic Cold pressed sunflower oil, Water, Yeast & Salt

Shelf-Life: At room temperature- 2 days from date of manufacturing. At 24 degree C - 4-5 days

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