Urban Platter Dried Italian Porcini Mushrooms (50 gms) (Jar)

Rs. 712/-


Boletus edulis, wild mushroom found predominantly in Italy. Caps grow from 1 to 10″ in diameter. Porcini mushrooms have a very earthy flavour. They are hard to find fresh in India but widely available dried. Dried mushrooms should be reconstituted in warm water for at least 20 – 30 minutes before using. Strain and reserve the soaking liquid to add additional flavour to your dish. Make sure to leave any sediment in the bottom of the bowl. Its is a condiment from Italy which can be added to warm pasta, or used on toasted slices of bread as an appetizer. Urban Platter Porcini Mushrooms are still dried in the old traditional Italian way. Packed in an elegant jar you can first appreciate the size and quality of these mushrooms and later appreciate their unique flavour in cooking. The mushrooms should be rinsed and cleaned of any dirt before use. To bring out the aroma of the porcini mushrooms, you need only to soak them in a mixture of milk and warm water. Excellent for risotto or pan-fried, they are great combined with prestigious white Alba truffle. You can also make excellent Umami Vegetable Stock using these.

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