Europaea Vegan Farms Organic Almond Milk Original (1 L) (Tetra Pack)

Rs. 410/-


Europaea Vegan Farms Original organic almond milk is a rich source of energy, naturally high in protein, low in fat and packed with vitamins and minerals. Sweetened with organic cane sugar; an unrefined, natural substitute for white sugar that adds sweetness to perfectly balance flavour and nutrition. With no chemical additives, no emulsifiers or artificial thickeners, our almond milk is a pure, organic and natural product straight from the heart! The foundation of Europaea Vegan Farms organic almond milk is mountain spring water from the Lessini Mountains of Northern Italy and organic almonds from Sicily. Organic carob seed flour, an ancient grain, naturally thickens and further enriches our almond milk with natural vitamins and minerals.

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